What describes you? {Introductions}

“Describe yourself in a few words”
“Umm.. I’m 15. Umm I like watching youtube videos, sleeping, watching TV shows and aah my hobbies are painting and umm.. writing. And yeah I’m 15.”

Ufff. The awkwardness of introductions. Is there really an easy way to tell someone about yourself for the first time? I guess it’s just me, but I have a hard time introducing myself without fumbling up the words or going blank. I have this friend who laughs at me whenever I ask (or state) the question: “What defines you?” This isn’t necessarily something you’d expect to be asked while meeting someone. Instead this as to do with your identity and for me, this one is a hard nut to crack. This ish is way too deep, and perhaps that is why a matter of laughter when I talk about it (However, I can get reeeal deep at times). Getting back to topic, everyone will have to (at some point in their life) talk about themselves. It could be for a job interview, a new student orientation, first dates or meeting someone (for personal or official reasons) for the first time. Is it possible to accurately talk about your awesome-ness without being too cocky or too sheepish? Of course it is!

My dad always tells me about the ‘Elevator Pitch’. If you were in the elevator with say your boss, you have about 30 seconds to talk about yourself and what you’re doing (haha like speed dating). Here I think overstating a bit is probs better than understating what you’re doing. I think this is similar to introducing yourself: keep it short and to the point. You don’t have to do a 20 minute presentation (similar to ‘Draw My Life’). Jot down key points about yourself that you think really make you who you are. You could be a math genius, basketball star, theatre person, choir singer, public speaker, good listener, leader, artist, gamer, technoholic, party animal, or like me ALL of the above 😉 Jk, I’m not any of those 😦

So if you find yourself in my situation, just talk about your interests, hobbies, dreams, aspirations. Try to talk about positive things: sugar, spice and everything nice! (Oh yeah Power Puff Girls refereeeence). So don’t worry, you’re going to be fine at that new school/ office/ neighborhood (#hood)/ speed-dating meet up. You don’t need to have an entire speech memorized, but be prepared. Stay confident and don’t be afraid to talk! This is me talking from experience… well that’s another story. 🙂

Keep smiling


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